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Without the support of these orthotics, it would have been impossible to recover so well after my surgery and most likely I wouldn't been able to continue my running carreer.

Paula Radcliffe, 42 years old

Marathon World Record Holder


Triathlete, Norway, 31 years old

These insoles are 3D-printed especially for me, after I've ran on a RS Scan mat with thousands of sensors measuring my run gait with extreme precision. The future is very promising for those of you with injuries caused by running with an imperfect gait!


Ultra Marathoner

As an ultra marathon runner I expect a lot from my feet. From 100+ degree temperatures to 100 mile races, knee deep water to sky high mountain tops, I’m constantly pushing my body and testing my limits. Phits insoles are amazing. Designed specifically for me they give my feet support and cushioning while also helping correct my posture and body alignment. The insoles make for smoother, more efficient running, and are helping avoid injury. Less focus on form means more freedom to enjoy my runs and the trails ahead. I’m so grateful I have Phits supporting my every move... mile after mile after mile...

Phits 3D printed custom insoles

What are they for?


Around 80% of people will at one point in their lives be confronted with foot problems or troubles which have an origin in bad foot positioning. You can avoid this trap by having a preventative foot analysis carried out regularly

Running | hiking | golf | racket sports | indoor sports

Guidance and support increase the efficiency and diminish the risk for injury


Better power transfer, more foot comfort and a better bike position


Efficient support, better balance and more control

Phits custom insoles

Offering the world’s first dynamic 3D printed orthotics as the UK’s opening distributor. They are customised to support the every move of an individual from our pressure plate analysis.

Our 3D printed custom orthotics are great for relieving pain and the symptoms of various conditions. They have great success in helping plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome and lower back issues.

Patients also buy them for general comfort due to their light weight and comfortable support they provide. They are tailored to your individual needs with a choice of materials to suit your needs and personal preference.

As used by the British marathon team & many elite athletes