Sports Massage

Although we do not offer this as a stand alone treatment, being Sports Therapists not massage therapists, we do use sports massage within many treatments to ease muscle tension and help rehabilitate injury. It has many benefits including to relieve tension and maintain good body condition, flushing out toxins, increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

About Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of treatment regularly used to help reduce the stresses put onto the musculoskeletal system. It is a long established and effective therapy used for the relief of pain, swelling, muscle spasm and restricted movement. Massage increases blood flow to the muscles being worked on, which is suggested to be an important factor in the removal of lactate after exercise through enhanced oxidation and diffusion out of the muscles.

As muscles begin to naturally heal post injury, the fibres do not always align themselves as they were prior. This can cause a loss in flexibility and could therefore change the range of movement and even the way the muscle contract.

Sports massage manipulates the muscles to straighten out the fibres that are damaged, this in turn will eventually improve the flexibility of the muscle. Whilst the muscles are being worked on, it allows a fresh blood supply with plenty of oxygen to be forced into the injured area and flush out any toxins that could hinder the recovery.