Atkins Recovers

We’re lucky to work with a number of elite athletes.

Currently we are helping Speedway star Henry Atkins, following his shoulder dislocation.

Henry is 2x British 250cc senior grasstrack champion. He is trying to make it 3x in a row, good luck!

Remember, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to be treated like one!

Lane Reaches World Top 100

Congratulations to Alex Lane, who we sponsor, for making it into the top 100 on the world rankings for badminton men’s singles! Keep up the good work!

Footscan Hits London!

Congratulations to the footscan team who have had a successful collaboration with Nike at the Science Museum in London to launch the new Nike React Element 55 trainers, specifically designed from dynamic pressure mapping for optimal performance! 👣👟…. as we offer in clinic!

Our 3D printed custom orthotics are great for relieving pain and the symptoms of various conditions. They have great success in helping plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome and lower back issues.

It is this 3D print system that gave Paula Radcliffe a come back in 2015 “Without the support of these orthotics, I would have been incapable of recovering this quickly after my operations, this would have probably been the end of my career.” ‘Paula Radcliffe 2015’

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Grizzly 2019

Unlike last year, we had relatively good weather for the 2019 Grizzly! Although there was a bit of a wind at times, the sun was out for the majority of the day and spirits were high as usual! The annual Grizzly buzz hit the town bringing in flocks of spectators and athletes alike. Scott also took on the challenge of the cub, which he managed to complete in good time, considering his lack of training… practice what you preach Mr Silsbury! We raised a total of £200 for local charities, unfortunately we were let down massively by student therapists, normally we aim for £700 but better than nothing! Same time next year, see you then!

Duchenne’s Positive Results

We have recently treated a young patient with Duchenne’s disease. Following one session of our PBM laser therapy he then went for a check up the following day with his NHS therapist. For the first time in his life he was able to hop on one leg, walk to school without slowing down or stopping and woke up pain free for 3 days. PBM laser therapy has many positive effects on the body and we treat a wide range of ailments for pain relief, faster recovery time and reducing inflammation.

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Phits ‘World #1″

We were the UK’s opening distributor for these fantastic, custom made, 3D printed orthotics! Phits have now been ranked #1 globally as the most promising 3D Printed Project of 2018! Our 3D printed custom orthotics are great for relieving pain and the symptoms of various conditions. They have great success in helping conditions such as plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome and lower back issues.

Oxford Uni Master Class

Guy and Scott have again been away attending one of John Gibbons ‘The Body Master’ courses. Continued professional development (CPD) is an essential part of our profession for up to date techniques and research, as well as allowing us to get insured each year! Studying for 3 days at Oxford University, Guy and Scott completed the course with flying colours, learning several new techniques and recapping on the old favourites!

Great West Run 2018

We were asked to take over and be lead therapists at this years Great West Run, supervising the students from Exeter College and working alongside Nuffield Health team. It was a very busy day with a constant flow of runners queueing up for a leg massage and advice for faster recovery and minimising the risk of injury during training. A good team of students from Exeter College joined us who were all very enthusiastic, keen to learn and help anyone who came to the tent. Considering the weather was freezing cold and wet, the race had a very positive atmosphere with lots of fun and laughing from the runners. After a 10 year gap from last working at the Great West Run, it was refreshing to be involved again!

Mr Mandalia Knee Symposium

Guy and Scott were invited by the Nuffield to attend a specialist knee symposium with leading surgeon Mr Mandalia, alongside many top therapists, including Exeter Chiefs head physio.

They had a very informative and interesting evening, learning about the new ‘Stryker’ system, which allows for a much more accurate and custom knee replacement, using digital moulds of the patients knee and a robotic arm to guide the procedure!

There was also a lot of current research discussed and new techniques for diagnoses and treatments of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, PFPS, which Guy and Scott will be implementing in their assessments!

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

A massive congratulations to Ben Lane and the rest of Team England. Ben, who we have seen for several treatments over the years, came back with a Bronze medal in the Badminton team event. He managed to get some good publicity out there, breaking his racket half way through a rally and running off court to get a new one mid rally! A great achievement to have reached at such a young age. We can now look forward to Tokyo Olympics with your brother Alex!