About Us

Sports Therapy overlaps and uses many techniques from other healthcare professions such as physiotherapy, chiropractors and osteopaths. However, it is a separate profession with its own approaches to include sports sciences for injury management and rehabilitation.

We offer a range of therapies from LASER to Anti-Gravity rehabilitation, Spinal manipulation to Plantar pressure analysis; injuries are managed in a professional manner resulting in recovery to optimal fitness.

Whether you are looking for post-operative rehabilitation, or need to recover rapidly from a sporting injury, we will employ the latest techniques and equipment to rehabilitate your injuries back to full fitness.

  • Sports Injuries

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck Pain

  • Arthritis


The Story

East Devon Sports Therapy was formed in 2010, with the Seaton practice opening in 2012. Over the years we have seen a huge variety in clientele, from olympic athletes with soft tissue damage to elderly patients with arthritic joints. Our treatments and expertise have become well known across the South West with our patients traveling up to 200 miles for our specialist services.

We were the first practice in the South West to provide the same Photobiomodulation LASER therapy as elite sports clubs. Following this we became the first private practice in the South West to offer the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill for rehabilitation and pain free exercise, this can accelerate knee and hip replacement recovery by up to 3 times! In 2014 we again took another step into the future becoming the first UK supplier of Phits custom 3D printed insoles, which are now widely worn among elite athletes, including the British marathon teams, not just for comfort or pain relief but to correct biomechanics and sports performance.

This year we have been able to remain open throughout the pandemic, due to our profession being deemed essential for pain relief and helping to aid mobility, so decided now was the time to push the boundaries again. Guy’s aim was to provide a centre of elite sports treatments and rehabilitation, available to the public. Elite athletes receive the best treatments available to get them back to sport quicker, we now offer this to everyone. Most recently the NovoThor was bought to the new, bigger and better Axminster site! This £120,000 investment in a medical device has already made ‘life changing’ benefits to people. From the swelling of legs being reduced, to back pain being diminished. Increased mobility, to being able to sleep better. The treatment is not new to us, as our handheld systems have the same effect, however the technology to apply this over the entire body is completely new. This system is one of only 5 available to the public in the UK, currently the only one outside of London.