Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation
and prevention to educate you for
no re-occurrence of injury
Photobiomodulation improve tissue
repair, reduces inflammation and
relieves pain with no side effects
Plantar pressure gait analysis to
resolve injury, prevent reoccurance and
correct biomechanical dysfunction

Anti-Gravity rehabilitation for a speedy
recovery on soft tissue injuries, arthritis,
fractures and neurological conditions

Custom made 3D printed orthotics
as worn by Olympic athletes such as
Paula Radcliffe for posture correction
Biomechanical assessment for injury
prevention, sporting performance
and general body posture
Offering a wide range of treatments from
Photobiomodulation (PBM) to anti-gravity
rehabilitation, spinal manipulations to
plantar preasure analysis.

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the systematic study of walking and running to analyse biomechanical dysfunctions of the body…

Laser Therapy

The cells in our bodies react to light in different ways depending on the strength and wavelength…

Alter-G Treadmill

We are the only private clinic in the South West and one of only fifteen private clinics in the UK to offer this therapy to the public…

Welcome to East Devon Sports Therapy & General Injury Clinic!

Offering a wide range of treatments from photobiomodulation (PBM) to anti-gravity rehabilitation, spinal manipulations to plantar preasure analysis; injuries are managed in a professional manner resulting in full recovery to optimal fitness.

We were the first private clinic in the South West to provide instant pain relief and a speedy recovery, using the same PBM LASER system as olympic and top international sports teams and the only private clinic in the South West with a state of the art anti-gravity rehabilitation sytem. Both used for acute and chronic pain, including post operation recovery, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries, fractures and general body pains. Your injuries and/or sporting performance will recover faster than ever before.

We strive to ensure all clients leave us with a better quality of life, pain free!

Why use us

We are Devon’s premiere injury clinic specialising in sports and general injuries with a client age ranging from 8-98. All of the latest equipment and top techniques are used to rehabilitate your injuries back to full fitness.

Recent News

Lane Takes UK Title

Congratulations to Alex Lane who we sponsor, becoming the English badminton senior singles champion today and also his brother Ben for mixed doubles champion!...

Honiton Hippo 2017

We were happy to sponsor and offer our services again at this years Hippo race! It was a great day, the sun was beating down and a great turnout of all abilities and ages!...

David Haye Achilles PBM

With a severe injury like David Hayes achilles rupture, only the best treatments are used to get top athletes back to full fitness as fast as possible!...