Recent news

Elite Sports & Rehabilitation Expo

Guy, Scott and Gary have attended the Elite Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Expo in London excel today, the biggest event of its kind in Europe attracting all the top, latest equipment. We saw lots of top end treatments available and new innovations coming into sports science. The Light Pod that Guy was invited to trial last year won innovation of the year at the event, being purchased by Nike to use on all of their sponsored athletes at this years olympics. This is the same system as we use just on a much larger full body scale.

The London Marathon 2016

After Guy was selected to treat athletes at the London Marathon this year, Scott was also able to join in the fun. A great day seeing lots of athletes and competetors at all levels enjoying the atmosphere and scenery of the iconic race. We were lucky enough to see some of our own local patients making their way around the course and raised a good sum of money for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

The Grizzly 2016

A big thanks to the team of therapists that helped with this years event. Between us we completed 102 massages raising just over £500 for Devon Air Ambulance. The weather was perfect all day, plenty of sunshine but not too hot for the runners! As usual a great atmosphere and we look forward to supporting the event again next year.

New Front

We decided it was about time we had a freshen up with a new front window and change of font! Hopefully you like the new design, we find it is much more modern to match our treatments and facilities!

World's First 3D Printed Orthotics

Now offering the world’s first dynamic 3D printed insoles, customised to support the every move of an individual, from our pressure plate analysis.The 3D-printed insoles are made through a set process. First a trained specialist will take a dynamic scan of your gait using RS Scans system. Based on the analysis and input, a design is generated, which is sent to RS Print. RS Print then “engineers” this design into a thin, lightweight and dynamic insole, which is then 3D printed. Finally, a cushioning layer is mounted on top to add extra comfort.

UK's First Light Bed

Guy has been at laser HQ in Chesham to test the only laser bed in the UK. Currently being used by the Brazilian Olympic teams for enhanced endurance, performance and lowering the effect of DOMS. The bed has been trialled for numerous tasks one being very impressive... It works better and more effectively than ice baths! Other uses include pain relief, weight loss and much more! We hope to be using one of these sytems here very soon!

International Badminton Star

Very happy to be sponsoring Alex Lane for his international badminton career. Alex is currently ranked number 4 in England for mens singles, his past results include Euro junior champion, 4th place at the youth Olympics, he's competed in world junior championships and just last week won his first senior title at the Slovakian international. His future goals are to compete in the commonwealths and Olympic Games, be ranked number 1 in England and top 10 in the world and we are pleased to be part of his journey!

Exeter Wheelers Hill Climb

The Exeter Wheelers anual hill climb is coming around again with a new route which we are very happy to support. Just over a mile of intense uphill cycling, can you beat the clock?! The event has obtainted some attention from keen cyclists such as Olympian Chris Boardman who has helped the club with some twitter advertising!

Exeter Falcons Speedway

We are always keen to help local causes and support local events. We were approached by the new Exeter speedway management to help support and sponsor their team as they try to make a come back for the city. We look forward to working with the riders and supporting at the meets.

The Grizzly 2015

Another great year for The Grizzly! Started off as a great sunny day but finished in pouring rain, true Grizzly style! Over 2000 people ran the race this year with Ceri Reece coming in first place again just over 2 hours! A big well done to everyone who took part. We raised £700 to go towards local charities.

The Grizzly 2015 Sponsorship

We are very happy to be again supporting and sponsoring The Grizzly in 2015. Its a great local event and we are proud to be part of it, we look forward to seeing you for pre and post race treatments raising money for local charities.

Minster Challenge 2014

We always like to support and help local events. This year we again helped at the Minster challenge which had a record breaking number of entrants at 200 runners! It was a great day again, a tad chilly but everyone enjoyed a fantastic race and atmosphere. Well done to all of those that entered and supported the race!

GB Ladies Doubles Winners!

A big well done to one of our sponsors Emma Hurst who has won the GB ladies doubles with partner Joely Lomas at Nottingham! Emma has played and trained locally at Seaton tennis club and looks to forward her tennis career whilst studying at Bath university.

Olympic Youth Games

Congratulations to one of our star patients Molly Hansford who has just come back from Australia with team GB with 4th place in athletics. Additionally she has just returned from a home international as reserve champion! Keep up the hard work Molly!

Commonwealth Games

As Great Britain take on the rest of the commonwealth in this years games, the GB badminton team had a spare five minutes to sign one of their shirts and present to us for a display piece in reception! 
Thank you very much and keep up the hard work!

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that we will now be offering even better rehabilitation using our new Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. This is a NASA designed and patented piece of equipment allowing clients to start patial weight bearing exercise a lot quicker than conventional methods. The device can take your body weight down to 20% of its norm allowing knee replacements, ankle sprains, arthritis, muscle strains and many more ailments to exercise pain free with minimal impact to the joints, enhancing and speeding your recovery and well being to the max. Contact us for more information!

Dartmoor Demon

A great event this year at the Dartmoor Demon. Cyclists set off for the 100 mile ride over Dartmoor's demonish climbs in numbers of over 800! Whilst waiting for the cyclists to return we took the opportunity to check out some of the pinarellos on sale... up to £12,000, maybe next year! A great atmosphere and well organised event, we look forward to returning next year!

RS Foot Scan

We are now offering gait analysis to include the new RS foot scan system. This system offers analysis of walking and/or running over our footscan mat with over 4000 sensors embedded into it to gain in depth analysis of your foot positions, pressure and force distributed during the motion, in both 2D and 3D. The advanced software allows automatic division of the foot into specific regions. This allows force and pressure distribution within these areas to be analysed and associated with certain foot mechanics and functions. Force & pressure distribution in all regions of the foot can be analysed in graphical format, allowing insight into force & pressure in both localised and general areas under the foot during the stance phase. Once this information is achieved we are able to prescribe custom made orthotics to suit your individual needs.

The Grizzly 2014

A fantastic event again this year. The sun was shining, clear blue skies and plenty of bogs to run through! With help from students studying sports therapy at Exeter college we managed to treat 120 runners raising a grand total of £600 for Seatons scout hut. Luckily there were no major injuries, understandably a lot of cramp though! We look forward to seeing you again next year and supporting this great local event!

Christmas Window Display

'The most brilliant Christmas display window in Seaton, in my humble opinion' Some great comments by locals, we came highly commended in the chamber of commerce window competition, thank you and have a fantastic new year.

Seaton Santa Saunta

We sponsored the first Seaton Santa Saunta this year which was a great success. Over 100 people took part in the saunter, running, jogging and walking, all dressed in Santa outfits! A good warm up was lead with a Zumba session in the town hall before starting the event. A 1.5 mile route was followed around the town before coming back into Windsor gardens for mince pies and mulled wine!

Grizzly Sponsorship 2014

We have signed our deal with the Grizzly committee to be one of the main sponsors for the 2014 race, shown in the picture Guy Sweetman with race director Dave Thomas. As per usual we will be with a team of therapists at the finish line for pre and post event massages and any emergency treatments if needed. We look forward to seeing you there!

New website launched

Our new site is clean, simple and works on phones, tablets and desktops. The services have been streamlined with the site to make finding treatments easier. We have had professional pictures taken of the shop, inside and out. We hope this new site provides a great start to 2014.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Cotleigh Canter 2013

The Cotleigh Canter is a great run organised by Honiton running club. Its an on road 10k route looping around the village of Cotleigh, starting and finishing at the village hall. Yet again, a great atmosphere with a very friendly approach offering raffle and prize giving after the run. We provided a number of massages pre and post race to raise money for the local charity supported by the club.

Run In The Wild 2013

This was a great event organised by Chard running club, located at Cricket St Thomas Somerset. A good number of competitors completed this 10k run. Each finisher was given a nice bottle of somerset cider to relax with, which certainly gave some people a bit more motivation!

Honiton Hippo 2013

Another great event this year at the Honiton Hippo with a great turnout from local runing clubs. This is a 10k not to forget, running through mud, forested areas and finishing with a freezing cold river, shown to the side with clinic Sponsee Alex Todd wading his way through! A great success and a great atmosphere provided by Honiton running club.

The Grizzly 2013

Another great year at the Grizzly. However the weather wasn't so great! Running through bogs, along stoney beaches and through fields just wasn't enough this year, we had to add some snow and freezing temperatures! With the help of some fantastic sports therapy students from Exeter college, we managed to raise a total of £210 for the Grizzly Art Project and have happily donated an extra £200 on top. We look forward to next year!

Grizfest Window Display

We took part in the Grizfest window display following the 2012 theme colour of orange. A good effort was made throughout the town and we managed to come in at 3rd place. The winners were Natwest with their collage of art from colyton primary school.

Seaton & District Business Award 2012

Thank you to everyone who has supported the clinic, we were awarded Seatons highly commended business award for 2012. A large number of excellent comments were submitted including quotes such as 'Excellent treatment and advice. Friendly service and good value for money. Professional service and helpful nature. Very good service for the public. Very professional and knowledgeable'

England Badminton Star Visits

European under 18 badminton champion Alex Lane paid us a visit for treatment before the junior world championships in Japan.
Alex left following laser and manipulations to his lower back feeling much better. You can view his profile following this link:

The Minster Challenge 2012

A big well done to all of the organisers who created a great atmosphere and smooth running event for a great day! The multi-terrain 7.4 mile run was enjoyed by many competitors turning up from clubs ranging from Taunton to Exeter. James Denne of Exeter Harriers won the main event in a great time of 47:06 minutes, followed closley by clinic sponsee Alex Todd in 3rd position. All funds raised were put towards the Axe Valley Community College sports and music departments.

London Marathon 2012

Congratulations to all clients who successfully completed the London marathon this year. Superb efforts from Janet Woodward, Sharon Rooke, Elisabeth Slade and clinic sponsee Alex Todd, who completed the run in 2 hours 47 minutes. A great achievement with fantastic 2012 medals to cherish. Keep up the training for next year!

The Grizzly 2012

We supported the Grizzly again this year with a fantastic amount of money raised for the local charity 'Seaton Pheonix', a grand total of £500. All competitors ran extremely well with a great performance from Alex Todd, our local AVR and clinic sponsee, who came 6th. Congratulations to all of those that completed the run and we look forward to seeing more great performances in 2013!